The Slate Summary

         Peace, Positivity, and Progress for the Post — the Reynolds Slate

The upcoming Post 291 election on Wednesday 8 May is one of the most important in the Post’s history. 

By voting for the Reynolds Slate, Post 291 members will have an opportunity to finally elect an Executive Board that works for them — and all military veterans and members of the Post 291 Family — and who will serve with honesty, integrity, highest character, transparency, and fair play.

The Reynolds Slate will bring unmatched leadership and professional skills and experience to Post 291. The Reynolds Slate is an outstanding team with a highly qualified mix of exceptionally talented and experienced Legionnaires to deal skillfully with the many challenges and issues of successfully operating Post 291 for the benefit of ALL its members — the military veterans — and the entire Post 291 Family.

Jon Reynolds - Commander

Jon Reynolds brings unique and extremely valuable experience to the position of Commander. He’s been a member of Post 291 for 26 years. He’s been serving on both the Post 291 House Committee and the Finance Committee for the past ten years. He also chairs the weekly Staff Meeting of Post employee department heads, as he’s done for the past seven years. In addition, he has previously served on the Post Executive Board as a Member at Large for six years. As a result, he has thorough and complete understanding of Post 291 operations — Membership activities, including The Four Pillars and other programs of The American Legion, as well as Business operations of running the bar, restaurant, and marina. 

He also has extensive executive experience by having served as Commander of a large military unit for three years while on active duty in the Air Force, and on the Boards of nine other nonprofit corporations, including being the President or CEO of five of them.

And, along with his extensive education and experience in engineering, financial management, program management, and logistics, he is uniquely and extraordinarily well qualified to be Commander of Post 291.

Bob Brennan - First Vice Commander

Bob Brennan is the only candidate in this year’s election who has, in fact, formerly served as an American Legion Post Commander. His Post leadership experience and knowledge of Post operations will be exceptionally valuable for Post 291 and the E-Board, and he brings special expertise to the position of First Vice Commander.

Anthony Morales - Second Vice Commander

Anthony Morales is a long-time member of Post 291 and had a full career as a First Responder as a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department. He brings enormous energy, enthusiasm, and insights into the Second Vice Commander position.


Jim Updike - Third Vice Commander

Jim Updike is a retired CEO of a Federal Credit Union, and has served as a Board member of several other corporations and associations. In his military service, he was a Navy corpsman supporting the Marine Corps, during which time he was awarded the Purple Heart. He has also been active as a volunteer coach and judge for Academic Decathalon competitions. And as a Boys State alumnus himself, he is eminently well qualified for the position of Third Vice Commander.

Bob Wine - Finance Officer

Bob Wine is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a 22-year career in public accounting. He also founded and operated a management company for another 15 years, from which he is now retired. He is an experienced volunteer who has served as treasurer of nonprofit corporations. With his outstanding skills, knowledge, and experience, he is clearly the most qualified Post 291 member to serve as Finance Officer.

Rich Frauenzimmer - Historian

Rich Frauenzimmer is another long-time member of Post 291. He has had a lengthy career in the retail service business and has served on a number of nonprofit Boards. He is also a docent at the Nixon Library, and has a deep appreciation for history and its preservation. Combined with his exceptional photography skills, he is ideally suited and qualified to serve as Historian.

Bob Grundmeyer - Sergeant at Arms

Bob Grundmeyer is a very active Post 291 member. He is currently continuing a long career with the US Postal Service while volunteering time and his many talents as a scuba instructor and on the Boards of several youth soccer clubs. His outgoing demeanor and genuine concern for the welfare of his fellow Legionnaires provide unsurpassed qualifications for the position of Sergeant at Arms. 

Eric Schroeder - Member at Large

Eric Schroeder has previously served on the E-Board as a Member at Large. He is currently a senior executive in the commercial insurance industry, and an advisor for executives at eight large Southern California companies. He has also served on the Board of the Marines Memorial Association in San Francisco. His extensive education, background, and experience in Board governance are especially valuable for E-Board operations, and will bring essential, useful, and much needed skills as a Member at Large.


Nick Giordano  - Member at Large

Nick Giordano is a graduate of the United States Military Academy (West Point) and is a proven leader. His impressive education and experience — both on active duty and in his current occupation in business development and program management — and his record of service in PTSD research provide unusual and extremely valuable qualifications for Member at Large. 

The election of the Reynolds Slate will be decisive in restoring an inclusive atmosphere at Post 291. The Reynolds Slate is pledged to bring the Post 291 Family together again. 

All the candidates on this Slate are firmly committed to and will:

  • Serve with honesty, integrity, highest character, transparency, and fair play.
  • Obey all Federal, State, and Local laws.
  • Comply with all The American Legion Rules, Regulations, and Policies.
  • Comply with all Post 291 Constitution, Bylaws, Rules, Regulations, and Policies.
  • Promote and support the Four Pillars of The American Legion.
  • Provide an attractive, inviting, comfortable, affordable, and family-friendly facility for military veterans and their families.
  • Increase Post 291 programs, activities, and events with more appeal to the younger military veterans and their families.
  • Make serving military veterans and Post 291 Family members its highest priority.
  • Open the dialogue between Post Members and the E-Board.
  • Make the Post more friendly to Members and their Guests.
  • Ensure fiscally responsible management of the Post.
  • Reunite the American Legion Yacht Club and Post 291.

The Reynolds Slate possesses unmatched skills and experience among all candidates running in this year’s Post 291 election.

  • Former American Legion Post Commander
  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
  • Graduate of the United States Military Academy (West Point)
  • Former college professor of cost and economic analysis and managerial accounting
  • Former Professional Engineer
  • Former military unit Commander
  • Former Credit Union CEO
  • Business owners and former business owners
  • Senior executives of current businesses
  • Many current and former members and officers of nonprofit corporation Boards
  • Purple Heart recipient
  • Two Boys State alumni

And it’s important that the entire Slate be elected to ensure a voting majority on the Executive Board.

If everyone in Post 291, the E-Board, and ALYC would do two things, all the problems and divisive issues at Post 291 would be resolved:

  • Obey California Corporations law for nonprofit mutual benefit corporations.
  • Comply with Post 291 Bylaws.

The choice for Post 291 members voting at the election on Wednesday 8 May is very clear:

o To have an E-Board of new, skilled, experienced leadership by military veterans who will serve with integrity and honesty

— Vote the Reynolds Slate.

o To have an E-Board of new, skilled, experienced, and proven leaders of military veterans who will obey the law and comply with Post 291 Bylaws 

— Vote the Reynolds Slate.

o To have a Post 291 that is friendlier to visit

— Vote the Reynolds Slate.

o To have a Post 291 in which serving ALL military veterans is the highest priority


3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Wednesday 8 May 2019

— You must bring your signed, Post 291 membership card for 2019 with you to vote.